Frequently asked questions

Fiscal Management and Economic Recovery

Recovery from the impacts of COVID19 is a priority. I will advocate for strategic densification to mitigate the costs of urban sprawl, and ensure responsible spending of tax revenue to maximize the impact of our current funding sources.

Transportation infrastructure and Public Transit

As someone who cannot drive, who take transit and walk to navigate the city, I will advocate for reliable and ongoing expansion of our transit routes, the west LRT, and ensuring all sidewalks, roads and structures work for everyone who walk, bike, drive and roll to get around.


Police review is overdue and I will advocate to ensure proper overhaul of the process to ensure that all Edmontonians truly feel safe and supported by the police, from newcomers, BIPOC individuals, the homeless, sexual assault survivors, and more.

Inclusive and Accessible City

Both through policy and the way I conduct my work as an elected representative, I will ensure that all Edmontonians, regardless of language, age, income level, disability, and background are able to fully benefit from the programs, services and infrastructure the city sets up.

Environmental Stewardship

I will fight for the protection of the River Valley natural system. I will also support initiatives to help address issues on waste management to reduce our environmental impact.